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SEO Minion Extension: 5 Ultimate Features & How to Use Them?

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seo minion

The creators of Keyword Everywhere has launched the SEO Minion chrome extension which is an all-in-one SEO extension for Chrome and Firefox browser. This tool helps you perform your daily SEO tasks by analyzing your own web pages and your competitors. This article will inform you about SEO Minion, how it works, and its features.

What is an SEO Minion Tool?

seo minion

SEO Minion is a free Firefox and add-on Chrome extension that helps you carry out all SEO-related tasks. This extension helps you analyze On-Page SEO issues related to meta tags optimization, language tags, open graph configuration, proper heading structure, etc. Additionally, you can check web pages for broken links, identify unworking redirects, and find out your site’s ranking on multiple search engines. 

seo minion chrome extension

Features of Chrome extension SEO Minion Tool

Let’s look deeper into each of the features and how to use them:

  1. On-Page SEO analysis

Using this feature, you can enhance the on-page SEO of the current page or website.

  • It checks whether your headings and meta description contain the necessary keywords for better SEO ranking.
  • If your title or description tags are too long or too short, SEO Minion will inform you through timely alerts.
  • Checks, whether all the images on the page have alt attributes, required for image SEO.
  • Have a look at the open graph tags that let you see how the link is previewed when it is shared on social media.
  1. Line Checker

The Line Checker evaluates each link on the page for errors: the links appear in different colors depending on their status.

  • It provides multiple options to highlight links on the current page. Some of them are – only highlight internal links, only highlight external links, highlight do-follow links, only highlight no-follow links, etc. 
  • If the links are good, they appear in green color.
  • Links leading to pages that no longer exist are shown in red color. 
  • If the href tag doesn’t have any link, it appears in gray color. 
  • All the redirects appear in purple color. 
  • It examines cache links for up to a month and excludes any links that are not to be checked.

The data on each page can be downloaded to let you track your link structure and get a better understanding of your website’s crawl depth.

how to use seo minion

Example: SEO Board

  1. SERP Preview Tool

Another appreciable feature of the SEO Minion tool is generating SERP previews.  SERPs give you an idea of how your website looks on search engines as a result of search terms.  All you need to do is to enter the search term you want to see your page ranking for, in the search box and click on the “Preview SERP”. 

SERP feature lets you preview the meta title, and description, and edit your product and description tags to view the real-time changes. You can include additional information to the SERP preview including a publishing date, rich snippet, etc. You can also experiment with a different title tag and meta description to know how it works in the search results.    

  1. Check Broken Links

Have you taken all SEO measures and your website is still ranking low? Then your website may contain numerous broken links. You should keep analyzing your website for broken links and for them to avoid damage. Open your website and click on the SEO Minions extension on your browser. Click on the “Check Broken Links” option from the features list.

seo minion chrome extension

The tool will check all the links on your webpage and provides results in color coding format for good, bad, and error links. 

  • It shows green color for valid links. 
  • Links that are directed to 404 error pages appear in yellow color.
  • It shows red color for no domain links, brown for server errors, and purple color for redirecting links. 
seo minion

This color coding allows you to quickly distinguish between the good and not-so-good links and help you quickly analyze the link health of your page to make modifications as required. If you regularly evaluate your website for all the links to ensure that none of them lead to a 404 error, you can prevent your site from getting penalized by search engines due to poor link structure. 

  1. Hreflang Checker

Hreflang refers to publishing content in multiple languages to enable readers from different regions to read and understand your website. The Hreflang tag improves the SEO for different regions and languages. If your website has any Hreflang tags, they are quickly identified by the google SEO Minion extension. We entered the popular Apple URL in the Hreflang checker and it produced the results with Hreflang tags.  

seo minion tool
  1. Google Search Location Simulator

Do you want to view SERP results from a specific location different than yours? Then SEO Minion’s Google Search Location Simulator is for you. National and international businesses can benefit from this feature. It allows them to know how their website ranks in certain areas and how can they provide tailored marketing efforts specific to the geographical needs.  You can also check two countries in different languages.

Note: You can observe that SEO Minion is not available for Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. It can be installed only in Chrome and Firefox.

How to Use SEO Minion Extension?

google seo minion

SEO Minion is free to use and doesn’t require any sign-up to use it.

  • Go to their official website
  • Choose to install either Chrome or Firefox depending on your browser type. 
  • Download the extension and you can find the icon on your browser’s extension list.
  • Click on it and start using it. 

Wrapping Up!

SEO Minion is a gold mine for marketers in their SEO strategy without having to pay tons of money for paid tools. The tool is constantly getting better through updates based on user feedback. Hope this article helped you walk through the features of the SEO Minion tool. If you want to know how this tool saves your time and improves your website’s search engine, try it yourself. Thanks for Reading!

SEO Board SEO Board is informational platform to get information on latest industry trends, digital marketing, SEO, content marketing and affiliate marketing industry. Stay Tuned for regular updates!

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