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5 Amazing Social Media Post Scheduling Tools For 2022-23

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Before we dive into the popular social media post scheduling tools, we shall learn about the reason behind the invention of a social media scheduler:

The popularity of Social Media has been growing aggressively year by year. Do you know that 59% of the total global population use social media to post their content, stay updated with the trends or connect with people beyond geographical boundaries?

With each scroll, you get to know about the latest happenings around the world, meet new people, or learn interesting facts. There is so much to explore that you stay hooked to the platform for hours at a stretch. 

What is the Importance of Social Media for Business?

While some users use social media to pass their time, others utilize the opportunity to launch their dream businesses. Whatever motive it is, if you want to build social media following for your brand, you have to post content consistently on several social media channels.

As a business owner, you have to go wherever your customers are. But, not two social media platforms are created equal. For example, LinkedIn is ideal for job seekers, and entrepreneurs, Instagram and Pinterest are favorable for design-related posts, etc. Just like some social media yield better results than others, posting at certain timings in a day produce optimum results.

5 Amazing Social Media Post Scheduling Tools For 2022

Publishing content on multiple social media channels at a time is quite challenging and sometimes you may miss one or more channels. To overcome this issue, social media management tools have been introduced. With Social Media Scheduler, you can create and schedule posts to publish on multiple platforms simultaneously.

This article will take you through some of the best social media post-scheduling tools for 2022 that are available in the market. Go through them and pick up the right choice for you.

Let’s keep it straight. We don’t want to confuse you by recommending several social media scheduling tools. We present you with the top 5 social media management tools for your business:

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite social media management tool

Hootsuite is one of the best social media post-scheduling tools for 2022. The critical features of Hootsuite include automatic scheduling, social media monitoring, performance analytics, etc. 


  • With Hootsuite, you don’t have to log into each network to publish posts one at a time. The Hootsuite platform lets you manage Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest all from one place. Here are some of the best features: 

Post Scheduling

  • You can earn how to make a social media posting schedule with the tool. If you want to schedule a post, go to Hootsuite, and choose the social networks you want to post to.
  • With the tool, you can add images to the post. Select the exact date and time to publish with the ‘Schedule for Later option.
  • The automatic scheduling feature picks up an optimum time for posting with the help of its algorithms.


  • When you run an agency, you have to be active on multiple social media platforms. This Stream feature displays the constant feed of your social media activity. 
  • it also recommends you post using certain keywords, hashtags, or posts from popular or specific social media accounts.
  • It helps you respond to your comments and other discussions quickly irrespective of the social media platforms.


  • The Hootsuite Analytics tool provides both general and advanced analytics to allow its users to track their performance of social profiles individually or as a whole on a single dashboard.
  • Key metrics include followers, traffic, engagement, performance by post, clicks per country, and many more. 


Professional $23.4/ month
Team$ 92.4/ month
Business$ 551.4/ month
EnterpriseObtained on Request


NapoleonCat -Best Social Media Management Tool

NapoleonCat is an easy-to-use social media management tool, highly suitable for individuals and small team organizations. It is an all-in-one social media post scheduling tool that integrates platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube & Google My Business. People use this social media management tool to publish content on their social media accounts, engage with brands, and measure social media performance uninterruptedly. 


Social Publishing

  • The platform allows you to create and publish social media posts on multiple social media platforms at a time. 
  • You can create and schedule posts to publish on all your social media accounts immediately or at a later date.

Social Engagement

  • The NapoleonCat creates a single inbox that lets you monitor and take part in your brand’s social media conversations.
  • You can filter the conversations by social media channels and other filter categories.
  • Assign the conversions to your teammates and also create automated responses to specific messages using this tool.

Social Analytics

  • It has one of the most powerful analytics tools when compared to other platforms at this price range.
  •  You can view channel-specific metrics for all your profiles and also monitor the social media performance of your competitors using this tool.


Standard$ 27/ month
Pro $ 55/ month
Enterprise Obtained on Request


Tailwind: Social Media Management Platform

Tailwind is a social media post-scheduling tool that supports platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. However, it is best suitable for Pinterest. It also works as a graphic design tool that lets you design beautiful and visually appealing posts in less time.



With the Tailwind tool, scheduling social media posts is easier than ever. The SmartRecommeendation feature of Tailwind suggests the best days and times for publishing your post on a specific platform. The tool provides two scheduling options:

  • Auto Post: You specify the date and time of the post to be published and the Tailwind automatically schedules your post. 
  • Post Reminder: Here, you will receive a notification on when your post should go live and you publish it manually. 

However, the AutoPost feature doesn’t work if your post has more than one image. You will have to use the app to receive a notification and then publish it manually.


The Tailwind also acts as a graphic design tool that lets you create designs, store your favorite templates, and define your brand’s fonts, topography, logos, and color palette for easy access in the Design Gallery.

Tailwind Communities

It is an excellent feature for Pinterest Marketing. Formerly known as Tailwind communities, this tool lets you and other Tailwind users share each other’s pins and also join hundreds of communities on an endless number of topics or even create your own community.


Free Forever$0/ month
Pro$19.99/ month
Advanced$39.99/ month
Max$79.99/ month


Crowdfire Social Media Scheduling tool

Crowdfire is an outstanding Social Media Management tool for businesses of all sizes. Here are the powerful features the tool offers to increase your social presence:

Scheduling Social Media Posts

  • While creating a social media post, Crowdfire offers three options for publishing time. It lets you publish immediately, schedule the post to publish at a specific time and date, or publish the post at the best timings based on your audience activity. 
  • You can schedule multiple posts in your free time without disturbing your daily routine. The tool lets you save posts and review them before publishing.
  • The Master Calendar feature that comes with a paid plan helps you schedule, manage and keep all your posts in a single place.  

Support for Multiple Social Platforms

  • Crowdfire supports all major social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • If you want to be socially present on multiple social media channels, but do not have enough time to post on each channel, this tool can be bliss for the people like you.
  • Using this feature, you can add different social media channels and start publishing the content right away.

Content Curation

  • To increase your brand presence, you don’t have to post unique and imaginative content always on your social media. You can share informative articles and the latest news in your niche t keep them interested and hooked to your account.
  • Head on to the Content Curation Tab and choose the topics you want to post about. Select the type of content and the tool recommends a list of articles in your niche.
  • Share the articles on your account and have a consistent digital presence on your social channels.

Visit the website to learn about what more can they offer.


Plus $ 7.48/ month
Premium $ 37.48/ month
VIP$ 74.98/ month


Loomly Social Media Scheduling Tool

Loomly is an excellent platform for publishing content across multiple social media channels. This social media post scheduling tool comes with features that support team workflows and a powerful analytics dashboard.


Social Media Publishing

You can create bulk social media posts, add relevant images and also review them before publishing across multiple social media channels. 

Social Media Engagement

The tool comes with an interactions feature where you can view and reply to all comments, messages, and tags/ it helps your marketing and customer support teams to manage all the social media conversations from a single place.  

Social Media Analytics

Lommly offers robust analytics tools that provide insightful data for individual posts, and social media profiles both individually and in aggregate.

Loomly Integrations

The tool is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn,  TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and other major social media channels.


Base$ 26/ month
Standard$ 59/ month
Advanced$ 129/ month
Premium$ 269/ month
Enterprise Obtained on Request

Summing Up!

There are plenty of social media optimization strategies for scheduling tools in the market. You are advised to go through the features of the tool, and compare them with your requirements. Utilize this scheduler to increase your social presence and launch yourself as an industry expert. Have you tried any of the above tools?  What is your favorite social media management tool? Kindly, let us know in the comments below. Thanks for Reading!

SEO Board SEO Board is informational platform to get information on latest industry trends, digital marketing, SEO, content marketing and affiliate marketing industry. Stay Tuned for regular updates!

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