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10 Facebook Best Practices To Level Up your Business

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facebook best practices

Currently, there are 2.93 billion monthly active users on Facebook. And this number is going to increase by 1.3% year-on-year.  Thus, Facebook is a significant contributor to social media-related businesses. If your marketing strategy doesn’t include optimizing for Facebook, you place yourself at a competitive disadvantage. But, with huge competition, how to get more traffic to your Facebook business page? We have heard you. We have listed out Facebook best practices your brand needs to succeed in 2023 digitally:

Best Practices on Facebook for your Business Success

We have listed out Facebook best practices your brand needs to succeed in 2023 digitally:

  1. Reply instantly with automated replies. 

Facebook Messenger is another excellent social platform feature that helps your brand engage with your audience 24/7 without having to be present in real time. Canned messages are predefined replies to commonly asked questions from customers. It helps you never miss a prospect when you are ‘away’ from your page. These best practices on Facebook send a message to the world that you are sincerely trying to help customers and encourage them to take the following steps.     

  1. Leverage Facebook Stories to reach more audiences.

Facebook Stories is a recently added feature on Facebook that lets you share short-form content about your brand in the followers’ news feeds. This feature helps you bypass the Facebook algorithm and catch your follower’s attention when you publish a new story. If none of the strategies work, consistently publishing stories is an excellent way to welcome users to check out your latest posts without worrying about organic reach. It is a must-use feature in your Facebook business strategy.      

  1. Frequency of posting

As much as quality content stands out, consistency in posting significantly affects brand reach and follower base. Consistent posting signals to Facebook that you are willing to participate in the platform and drive discussions. When you consistently post quality content over some time, you can see the rewards through better post reach, engagement, and an increase in follower count.

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  1. Go Live

Facebook Live allows you to interact with non-followers. Go live on Facebook and collaborate with industry experts. You get an opportunity to grab some of their followers into your customers. Take a month to interact with the followers by answering their questions. It helps you build a loyal follower base over time. You need a strong Wi-Fi connection and a Facebook account to conduct Facebook Live.    

  1. Use safety tools to protect your privacy.

As your business grows, security becomes a crucial factor in protecting your business from fraudulent attacks. Enable two-factor authentication so that your account is safe  from hackers and fraudulent activities. Switch on the comment filters to prevent trolls and filter messages using specific keywords and phrases.  

  1. Use location and hashtags.

In terms of Facebook hashtags, less is always more. When you use relevant hashtags in your content, you improve the chances of making sure you select relevant tags for your post. Include separate location tags and hashtags to connect with a moment or place and encourage followers to attend events, workshops, etc. 

  1. Implement a Video Strategy.

How Facebook helps businesses grow? It is through video content marketing. Don’t believe it? Let’s dive into the statistics. Over 96% of marketers reveal that video content has increased user understanding of their product or service. If you are only using images and not video in your Facebook marketing strategy, you are missing out on huge earning potential on the platform. If you want to develop your video strategy for Facebook in 2023, here are the creative best practices to follow:

  • Convey your information through short videos.

Who has the time to watch your hour-long brand promotion video while scrolling through Facebook? The duration of the video is the first thing any reader notices before hitting the play button. Keep your video length between one and five minutes to convey your message. If there is more information to share, divide the long video into multiple short videos. 

  • Create a short intro trailer for long videos.

As a marketer, you must halt the reader randomly scrolling through Facebook and make him watch your lengthy product video. Create a short, interesting 3-second to 5-second intro trailer that outlines your video and persuades the audience to watch the video. 

  • Use the correct aspect ratio.

Facebook has an optimal video aspect ratio of 4:5. Thus, ensure you use the correct aspect ratio when releasing a video on the Facebook platform.

Your audience will reward you with engagement and clicks if you follow these guidelines and keep your video content accurate and updated. 

  1. Leverage Facebook Resources wisely

Another Facebook best practice for business is the ‘Facebook for Creators’ resource. The platform offers unlimited how-to guides, case studies, guidelines, and other Facebook best practices recommended by creators and influencers.    

  1. Boost your High-Performing Posts.

Instead of depending on Facebook’s algorithm to build organic reach, you pay a few bucks to Facebook, which takes your content to more people. Out of all the Facebook best practices in the article, this is the only practice that requires monetary investment in the platform. If you have a post that can perform well, boosting, it can double your post engagement rates and, thus, the clicks.   

  • Select the post you want to boost.
  • Click the “boost post” option.
  • Select the objective you want to achieve by boosting this post: website visits, engagement, or direct messages.
  • Select your Call to action button and choose your audience.
  • Choose your budget and duration.  

When boosting your posts, set the minimum budget at $1 daily. The days of organic reach are almost over. Though it is not accessible, the method is cheap and straightforward to set up. 

  1. Analyze your Facebook Performance through Analytics

Last but not least best practice on Facebook is using data to understand your customers and measure your progress. Keep asking questions and find answers through data:

  • Which types of posts have the most interactions?
  • How much time people are spending on your posts or videos?
  • Is your follower count increased or reduced this week?
  • When is your target audience most active?

Which works best for your Audience? 

Algorithms keep changing from time to time. With Apple’s iOS privacy rules restricting app tracking and targeting, Facebook will have to find new ways to adapt to the market. As the algorithm changes, the best practices to master the platform also change. You are advised to revisit the blog now and then while we update the article with Facebook best practices according to the market changes. Create a strategy with the practices that work best for your audience. Thanks for reading!

SEO Board SEO Board is informational platform to get information on latest industry trends, digital marketing, SEO, content marketing and affiliate marketing industry. Stay Tuned for regular updates!

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