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Email Marketing 2022- Everything You Need To Know About It

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email marketing

As per the recent stats the global email marketing market was valued at $7.5 billion in 2020 and is projected to increase to 10 billion dollars by 2023. Though several digital marketing channels involving advanced technologies are being introduced in the market now and then, email marketing is still considered one of the most cost-effective forms of internet marketing.  There are other internet marketing channels each with a specific purpose.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of internet marketing that lets you market your products directly through email. Through this, you can build an email list and send timely emails to your subscribers helping them solve their problems and achieve their goals.

Why To Choose Email Marketing?

why to choose email marketing

1. Send Personalized Content To Your Target Audience 

It lets you segregate your diverse subscribers into different email lists based on their interests and send highly personalized information to them. The information you send will land directly into their inbox. 

With attractive subject lines, your emails are opened by the readers and if additional incentives are included, there are higher chances of converting.

2. Best way to Collect Honest Customer Feedback

Lack of customer testimonials make your brand seem less trustworthy and Customers don’t prefer to buy from these types of brands. 

Emails are an excellent way to conduct surveys or collect testimonials from customers. 

As privacy is protected, customers are likely to provide honest feedback which helps you find their experience with your brand.    

3. Increase Brand Awareness

Discussing the latest industry trends, and sharing helpful information, tips and tricks to the subscribers through regular emails lets you stay on the top of your mind. 

Therefore, when they need similar products/services, they are more likely to contact your brand.  

4. Email Automation

The most frustrating part that troubles every eCommerce business owner is cart abandonment. 

Cart abandonment occurs when the customers visit your website, and adds their desired products to the cart but leave without completing the checkout process. 

By sending an automated reminder email, you can re-engage with your customers and help them achieve their checkout process.

5. Higher Lead Generation

Send helpful content to your customers that solve their problems and collect their personal information in exchange. 

You can collect a longer email list and using a perfect email marketing strategy, convert a significant amount of subscribers into your customers.   

Email Marketing Campaign

Building a results-driven campaign is not all about attracting headlines, appealing images, etc. A perfect email marketing campaign strategy is a systematic approach to improve your conversions and expand your business. 

Email marketing is an excellent way to target a wider audience and nurture leads. With a successful marketing campaign, a trustworthy relationship is built with the customers. 

A good email marketing strategy comes with laborious preparations. Marketers face a variety of challenges in the process of designing a perfect marketing campaign. 

  1. Targeting with segmentation 
  2. Growing the subscriber list and 
  3. Tracking emails are found to be the top three challenges faced by marketers. 

How to Create a Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

how to create email marketing campaign

1. Define Your Target Audience

Identify your buyer persona and understand what they want and create emails to match their requirements. If you are getting started, take help from Google Analytics and social media insights and gather data to identify your target audience. 

2. Collect an Email List

The first step of the marketing campaign is to build email list from scratch with quality leads that are interested in the product/service you offer.

The optimal way of collecting your email list is to ask your visitors to subscribe. But, as per the stats, 80% of the visitors leave the website without subscribing to the email. 

The exit-intent pop-ups help us to convert these visitors into subscribers. Use an exit-intent pop-up that targets the purpose of the visit and then captures the information of the visitor.

3. Understand your business goals

Without clear goals, it is not possible to design a successful email marketing campaign. The crucial goals of a marketing strategy include:

Grow Your Subscriber List

Find out where your audience is and make it easy for them to subscribe to your email. Providing incentives or reasons for subscribing can encourage your visitors to subscribe.  

Segmenting Your Subscribers

Your email list is segmented based on their interests and preferences. Personalized content is sent to the subscribers to match their interests.  

Increase the Email Open Rates

The more emails are opened, the more will be opportunities for you to convert them into your loyal customers. Write persuasive subject lines and create a sense of urgency to compel them to open your emails.

Improve the Email Click-Through Rates 

Measure the number of subscribers who click on the links provided in the email. Through your email, let your subscribers identify what’s in it for them. Send only relevant information and include a clear call-to-action to encourage them to click.  

 Retain the Existing Customers

Customer retention is important for business success. Provide incentives like special offers, discounts, or other content depending on their interests. Also, considering their opinions will make them feel important and build stronger relations with your brand. 

4. Understand the Different Types of Emails

Different types of email marketing campaigns are present each with a unique purpose. Like promotional emails say about offers or discounts, welcome emails greet your customers just after subscribing to your email, getting a better understanding of these emails help you hit them at the right time and right place.

5. Utilize Right Email Marketing Tools to Send Better Emails

As email marketing is one of the oldest techniques, most businesses use emails to promote their products. Thus, it is important to make your email stand out from others so that it is opened and not lost among the other mails. 

To make your emails more clickable and influential, marketers keep trying various email marketing automation tools and choose the best one for their  business. These tools help in optimizing your email content for lead generation. 

6. Creating Email Marketing Copy

Now that all tools are ready, it’s time to write a compelling email copy. Make sure the copy has a hook line at the start to hold the reader’s attention. For best results, don’t pitch out your offer too early. Make your readers comfortable first and then ask for a call to action. Tell a story and personalize emails according to the needs of your readers. A strong headline will get your email opened whereas a purposeful copy will convert. 

7. Use Email Marketing Software 

An email marketing software offers tools that automate simple and repetitive tasks and optimize most processes to save time in creating a perfect email marketing campaign.

8. Use Email Marketing Templates 

If you want to ace the game, consider opting for email marketing templates. All you need is to replace the text and the email is ready to be sent. They reduce employee stress and improve email click-through rates. Email templates ensure that the information is delivered professionally without errors, thus improving customer satisfaction.

9. Create Opt-Ins

For an email marketing strategy to become successful, you need to get people added to your email list. Design attractive opt-ins that grab the attention of the visitors and encourage them to sign-up.

Experiment with different types of opt-ins on your site. Some of them include:

  • Welcome gates appear when people arrive on your website. 
  • Lightbox popup which blanks out the rest of the content and highlights the popup. These have higher conversions. 
  •  Exit-intent popups that appear when people are about to leave your website.

9. Perform A/B testing and Reflect on the Results

Sending an email is the first stage of email marketing. The goal is not accomplished yet. To master the art of email marketing, you need to keep track of the emails and collect data to improvise the campaign. Perform testing on everything from design and layout to different circumstances and times. Figure out what works and what doesn’t for email marketing.  


This article has details on when and how to use email marketing. If the doubts still persist, let us know in the comments or write to us. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more information on email marketing strategy.

SEO Board SEO Board is informational platform to get information on latest industry trends, digital marketing, SEO, content marketing and affiliate marketing industry. Stay Tuned for regular updates!

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