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14 Tested Email Marketing Automation Tools To Skyrocket Your Sales

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Email Marketing Automation Tools

Are you searching for the best email marketing automation tools to boost your sales. We have listed 14 best tools varied on the basis of features, pricing and business requirements. 

According to reports from Statista, over 4.3 billion people use emails daily. Email marketing is proven to be one of the greatest tools to connect with your prospects. 

Lately, businesses have observed delays in email marketing like a delayed response to emails, mobile-unfriendly emails, unable to measure open rates, click-through rates, deliverability, etc. these challenges are overcome by email automation. 

Email Automation is a process of sending targeted emails automatically to your customers based on their behavior data and preferences. Let’s look into how these tools contribute to creating a robust email marketing automation strategy: 

Top 14 Email Marketing Automation Tools To Try Now

1. Klaviyo– Best Email Marketing Automation Tools

Klaviyo is one of the most popular email marketing automation tools because of its efficient automaton system, improved deliverability, ability to personalize etc. 

Using the Klaviyo marketing automation software, you can create personalized email marketing campaigns and send automated emails to your customers based on their behavior. 

Users can synchronize their data across social media and customize their social media campaigns.

Klaviyo Email Marketing Software

It lets you send automated emails to cart abandoners, and re-engage with the customers. Using smart segmentation, group similar users and engage with them.

This software allows businesses to get key metrics and measure the performance of marketing campaigns and compare them across different timelines.     

It lets your know about what your customers have purchased, how much they have spent, what interests them etc. The businesses can store nd collect data from the third-party to understand the spending behavior of the customers. 


  • Automate the segmentation process and keep your lists updated. 
  • Use predictive analysis to drive sales and conversions. 
  • Use mobile-optimized sign-up forms convert web traffic into customers.
  • You can add upto 250 contacts and send 500 emails for free using this tool. The pricing afterward depends on the number of email contacts. 

Pricing Details:

Klaviyo Pricing Plan

2. Optinmonster– Email Marketing Automation Tools

Optinmonster is an email marketing automation tool that lets you build powerful campaigns to build your email list from scratch and generate leads in just a few minutes. 

The tool automatically collects the email addresses and segments them based on the user’s interest, previous activity, geographical location, cookies, and other factors.

Optinmonster Email Marketing Automation Tools

The Optinmonster lets you create high-converting lead generation forms that grow your email list. 

The Real-time Behavior Automation engine from Optinmonster finds out what the users are looking for, and why they are leaving your site. Create meaningful opt-in campaigns to grow your email list and convert them into customers. 


  • Create landing pages in no time using the drag-and-drop builder.
  • Integrate the Optinmonster with other email marketing services to send the targeted emails to your subscribers. 
  •  Mobile-friendly pop-ups to optimize your campaigns for mobile phones and tablets. 
  • Create multiple Yes/No forms for better conversions and sales. 
  • Identify the customer’s behavior and use the smart triggers to send the right campaigns at the right time.  

Pricing Details:

optinmonster pricing plan

3. ConvertKit– For Planning Email Marketing Automation Strategy

If you are looking for a marketing automation hub, then ConvertKit is your go-to solution for all your marketing issues.

Build powerful sales funnels using this tool and automate the process of growing your email list, and marketing your products to drive higher conversions and sales.

Using Visual Automation, create a customizable and understandable customer journey based on their interests and behavior.  

Convert Kit Email Marketing Automation Tools

If you are not willing to create the whole sales funnel, you can still create individual funnels using the “If this, then that” functionality. 

Using RSS Feeds, create a broadcast and send your latest published blog posts automatically to your subscribers on a monthly or quarterly basis.  

Create manual tags or set up automated triggers to add tags and keep your subscribers organized.  


  • Segment your audience based on their behavior and send targeted emails to them at the right time.
  • The segmentation is quick and easy.
  • Pay based on the number of subscribers
  • Integrates with over 70+ reputed partners to carry out email marketing automation. 

Pricing Details:

ConvertKit Pricing Plan

4. Campaign Monitor– Email Marketing Automation Tool

 Acquire data from different channels and use email automation to create personalized customer journeys thus improving engagement and conversions. 

This email marketing automation tool lets you add social sharing buttons to your emails and widen your brand reach across multiple platforms. 

Create landing pages and embed sign-up forms to optimize the customer experience, attract the audience and convert them into customers.   

campaign monitor email automation tool

Through A/B testing, users can test the content, and images, to optimize the campaigns and perform spam testing to evaluate the deliverability of the email campaigns across multiple devices.  

Using the drag and drop builder, create personalized emails for different marketing campaigns like special announcements, events, etc.


  • The email templates can be customized according to your specific requirements.
  • You are charged based on the number of subscribers. 
  • Send targeted emails to the right audience at the right time.
  • More than 2 million marketers use this email marketing automation software to carry out their campaigns. 
  • Mobile-responsive templates to look better on all devices.

Pricing Details:

campaign monitor pricing plan

5. GetResponse– Email Marketing Software

GetResponse is an All-in-one marketing automation platform that assists marketing companies to generate leads, convert better, and drive higher revenue.

Automate all the time-taking repetitive tasks of marketing and client engagement using the GetResponse Marketing Automation Software.

Utilize the pre-built email templates to send personalized and responsive emails to the customer by understanding their behavior through automation. 

getresponse email marketing tool

The conversion funnel functionality comes with pre-built funnels for multiple automated campaigns. 

Without leaving the software, you can perform tasks like creating a product catalog, creating and managing the Facebook advertising campaigns, constructing landing pages, adding subscribers to the autoresponders cycle, etc. 

You can send a series of emails to acquire new customers automatically, re-engage with inactive subscribers, and automate the follow-up process with the customers who have abandoned their carts. 


  • Suits perfectly for scalability both for smaller and larger organizations. 
  • This email marketing automation tool is all you need for effective marketing. It doesn’t require any third-party integration for additional functionalities. 
  • Served 350,000 customers in 183 countries and still counting. 
  • 24×7 live chat and email support available. 

Pricing Details:

getesponse pricing plan

6. Mailchimp– Best Email Marketing Tool

The MailChimp Reports feature provides a range of information like open rates, email click-through rates, top clicked emails, and the performance analysis within 24 hours of sending your email. 

A list of subscribers who have opened the emails along with a real-world map depicting the locations of your subscribers is also provided. 

Use the MailChimp’s Customer Journey Builder prebuilt automation tool to cross-sell your products, re-engage with your customers and send abandoned cart reminders to your customers. 

mailchimp email automation software

Marketers have witnessed over 4X more orders with this automation tool than sending bulk order emails. 

MailChimp supports multiple user accounts with separate logins and permissions so that your employees can team up to make the most of the software.

The customized sign-up forms for permission-based email marketing lists can be linked-to websites and Facebook pages as well. 


  • A drag-and-drop interface to create and share effective email campaigns.
  • Send automated emails to the new and existing subscribers and nurture long-term relationships with them.
  • Hundreds of connectors or add-ons are available for integration for each category in Mailchimp. 
  • The software works perfectly on Android and iOS devices.
  • 24×7 live customer support.

Pricing Details:

mailchimp pricing plan

7. ActiveCampaign – Email Marketing Automation Platform

Build ActiveCampaign Automation templates from scratch or choose from the readily-available templates. 

Track the consumer activity, preferences, interests, and various attributes to improve segmentation and customer outreach.

The On-site tracking system allows you to monitor your website visitors, quickly find out what they require, target them on multiple channels and convert them into clients.  

activcampaign email marketing automation tools

Choose the optimum content, the right time to send, and the delivery channel based on the data from the customer’s lifecycle.  


  • Using the lists and tags, separate your contacts into groups and tag similar people into a single list. 
  • Follow-up on abandoned carts.
  • With 500+ pre-built automation tools, it is utilized by over 130,000 organizations worldwide. 
  • Integrates with 850+ platforms to incorporate additional functionalities and provide better customer experiences.  

Pricing Details:

activecampaign pricig plan

8. Drip– Cloud Based Email Marketing Service

Drip is a cloud-based email marketing service and emerged as an eCommerce customer relationship Manager providing marketing automation for B2B and B2C. 

Send pre-built automated responses to welcome customers, build connections and enhance sales.  

Create emails using a visual builder and include dynamic elements to add personalize details in emails to your customers based on their behavior  

eCommerce email marketing automation

Perform split testing within the automated workflows and find out which one generates the highest revenue, site visits.   

Get a monthly snapshot of the performance analytics and know how to improve 

them in the future for better results.

The software is used by more than 27,000 marketing professionals worldwide. 


  • Contain several built-in integrations to import your email subscribers instantly. 
  • End-to-end email marketing services
  • Email Segmentation to group your audience based on certain characteristics and send personalized content to turn them into your customers. 
  • It is a good option to choose if your website has high website traffic. 
  • Pricing depends on the number of people on your email list. 

Pricing Details:

drip pricing plan

9. LeadSquared– Email Marketing Automation Tool

LeadSquared is primarily an email marketing automation tool that also provides Customer relationship management services. 

The software streamlines the lead-generating process by automating email marketing services and integrating with the sales activities for greater efficiency. 

leadsquared eCommerce email marketing automation

Create customized email campaigns and high responsive landing pages using different types of drag and drop images, and CTA functionalities, enhancing customer engagement rates. 

117 different types of reports are readily available. The tool will inform about the click-through rates, open rates, customer engagement, when the email remains unopened, etc. 


  • A self-service portal that allows users to complete the application online and manage their profiles themselves. 
  • Integrates with most of the popular tools to improve the functionality and provide better insights to the users. 
  • Popular customers include Byjus, Zoomcar, Bharti AXA, HCL Technologies, etc.   
  • Used by 2000+ customers all over the world. 
  • 24×7 customer support 

Pricing Details:

leadsquared pricing plan

10. OmniSend– Ecommerce Email Marketing Automation Platform

OmniSend is an eCommerce email marketing automation platform that deals with enterprises of all sizes from small businesses to giant organizations.

The tool brings together all the marketing resources right from reaching out to customers and launching multi-channel campaigns to communicating with the customers through multiple channels, you don’t have to search for different apps for functionalities.

Automate the workflows using specific triggers with the OmniSend and boost your revenue. The automation editor lets you modify the existing workflow process or create a new one.  

The easy-to-use drag-and-drop content editor tool lets you send powerful emails to your audience and convert the casual visitor into loyal customers.     

omnisend best email marketing automation tools

Use segmentation tools to group audiences based on their activity, interests, and purchase behavior to send targeted emails to them.  

OmniSend software has three pre-built workflow management options that can be improvised to meet the requirements of the company. Welcome Series, Product abandonment, and Cart Abandonment are some of them. 


  • Integrates well with platforms like Shopify, Zapier,, etc.
  • The basic plan is free and lets you send 500 emails/month. The pricing is based on the number of subscribers. 
  • Provides analytical reports to inform about your customers and also measure the success of your campaigns.
  •  24×7 customer support is available.

Pricing Details:

omnisend pricing plan

11. Marketo– Best Email Marketing Automation Tools

Marketo is one of the best email marketing automation tools, constantly improving its features to match up with the market trends and consumer demands. 

Using the Marketo Moments App, get your email marketing performance metrics whenever you need them and modify or create campaigns based on the reports. 

best email marketing automation tools

Send the email your customers are looking for, at the right time and use A/B testing, predictive content, and triggered emails to improve the results.

Marketo’s “Ad Bridge” feature lets you integrate the Marketo behavior data with Facebook, Google, and other platforms allowing you to target people on those platforms with specific ads.   


  • A comprehensive guide is provided to teach you how to create high-engagement email marketing. 
  • Get real-time updates on customer behavior and keep your segmented email lists updated and accurate. 
  • Group people using the filters with the Smart lists feature and quickly create personalized email campaigns that convert.
  • Marketo Moments App supports iOS and Android devices and allows you to access performance updates on your email campaigns. 

Pricing Details:

Marketo pricing plans

12. Sendinblue– Email Marketing Platform

Sendinblue is an adaptable email marketing automation tools that follows the best email marketing automation practices in the market.

Divide your subscribers based on their demographics and segment them to send targeted content to the subscribers.

sendinblue email marketing automation software

With the Email Preview feature, you can know how your email appears on different devices.    

Perform A/B testing and experiment with different subject lines and content to know what provides the best results. 

Personalize each step of your customer’s journey through CRM, Email segmentation, and Marketing Automation.


  • Drag-and-drop editor to let you design almost all kinds of emails by choosing from the preset elements.
  • Utilize SMS Marketing to communicate with our customers for time-sensitive offers or urgent messages. 
  • Create landing pages, signup forms, and Facebook Ads to reach new customers and turn them into your clients.
  • FAQ section and knowledge base are available to teach 
  • 24×7 customer support is available to immediately respond to customer queries.

Pricing Details:

sendinblue pricing plan

13. Litmus– Best Email Marketing Tool

Litmus emerged as one of the best email marketing automation tools to quickly create email campaigns and test emails. 

The Litmus tool allows the marketers to find out how many people are opening their emails, what they do after opening the emails and also track the location of subscribers who open the emails. In this way, geo-specific lists are created and related content is sent to them to improve the customer experience. 

litmus email marketing automation tools

Metrics like email open rates, click-through rates, read time, forwarded emails, etc. and other unquantifiable metrics can also be tracked through the Litmus software.

Get screenshots of your email newsletters and know how they look on major clients’ devices. 

Litmus Proof features allows you to collect feedback and enhance collaboration with the customers.  

It supports team collaboration and lets you assign individual accounts to your employees and allows them to chat, and comment among themselves before sending emails.

Test your emails against multiple blacklists and spam filters such that your email meets the industry standards and doesn’t land in the spam folder of your customer.   


  • Create high-quality campaigns and send error-free emails in no time without any coding.
  • All-in-One email marketing platform that provides solutions your team needs to create solid email campaigns that convert.  
  • The tool integrates with multiple ESPs like Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, etc. 
  • 700,000+ professionals believe in Litmus to increase thor conversions and ROI.

Pricing Details:

litmus pricing plan

14.– Best Email Marketing Automation Tools is a popular email marketing automation tool that lets you send marketing emails and gain new customers, retain existing relationships and increase your sales. 

The tool helps you to segment your users based on their behavior, interests, what they do to your products, and how they are interacting with your website. These segments are used for creating recipient lists, campaign triggers, filters, etc. Email Marketing Automation Tools

Through this tool, you can set an email for each behavior of the customer. The tool sends the triggered emails whenever it notices a particular behavior of the customer.

With, you can know how your customers are interacting with your emails. You will get notified as soon as they read your email or open an embedded link. 

By understanding what interests them, you can send newsletters that grab greater attention than the regular informative newsletters. 


  • Use Analytics to find out the latest trends and calculate your success.
  • Suitable for Small, medium, and large business enterprises. 
  • Customer support through phone or email.
  • Using the automation engine, send timely emails to your customers by scheduling them beforehand. 

Pricing Details:

customer io pricing


In this article, we have listed the top email marketing automation tools along with features and pricing details. After reading this article, you are ready to choose the right email marketing automation platform based on your business requirements.   

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