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Top Best AI Chatbots For Business In 2023

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ai chatbot for business

Are you still stuck with the traditional ways to offer the best experience to your targeted audience base? Thanks to the rise in AI technology, customers now demand better and faster access to information. As a result, AI chatbot for business has become an undeniable component of support strategies.

According to market reports, nearly 85% of the existing customer interactions are made and managed without humans. Thus, there are no second thoughts about the importance of ‘chatbots for business’ to ensure higher profitability and growth.

However, for any business to leverage the benefits of free chatbots, it is important to understand how chatbots help businesses. Moreover, businesses should explore the best available platforms of AI chatbot for business in the market. We are here to help you discover the best chatbots for businesses that can help in growth.

AI Chatbots For Businesses

  1. Conversica
how chatbots help businesses

Conversica is one of the best chatbots that helps the marketing and sales teams perform their duties. With the help of this chatbot business, the sales and marketing teams can easily engage potential customers to trigger their growth. Many businesses trust this chatbot to expand their client base within no time to boost their revenue and reach.

One of the best features of this chatbot is its potential to initiate A/B testing. Thanks to this, the chatbot can identify different potential customers using the collected relevant details. Moreover, businesses can also rely on the chatbot to directly message potential customers to attract them for better profitability.

  1. Netomi
chatbots for business

If you are looking for an AI chatbot for business that can reduce the waiting time for your valuable customers, then Netomi would make the right choice. This chatbot helps businesses to rank the relevant informative articles higher to quickly offer appropriate solutions to the customer’s queries.

Moreover, this chatbot can also find relevant solutions to problems by identifying and analyzing social media feedback. As a result, your valuable customers are provided with the right information at the right time to maintain their loyalty. This is also helpful for businesses to retain their customer base without any hassles.

  1. Drift
free chatbots

Drift is an absolute favorite chatbot for small business that want to engage their customers with high-end and quick conversations. This chatbot supports automation and artificial intelligence to well support the needs of the customers.

The major attraction of this chatbot is that it is trained with more than 6 billion conversational strategies to easily identify the customer’s pattern. This helps businesses to offer the best response to engage and retain their valuable client base. Moreover, as the chatbot is pre-trained and ready to use, it can be relied on to convert visitors into loyal customers.

  1. Infobip
AI chatbot for business

For any business to gain an edge over its competitors, it is important to combine automation, availability, speed, and engagement. This is what Infobip offers to businesses. This chatbot is an ideal choice to identify, create and deploy high-performing virtual assistance within no time.

Smart virtual assistance can be trusted to support customer services along with the marketing and sales teams. If you are still wondering about the profitability of this chatbot business, it can help improve customer satisfaction using the desired automation.

  1. Intercom
chatbot for small business

Intercom is best known to facilitate targeted messages to different customer bases. This is the perfect chatbot for small business to leverage benefits from conversational support, engagement, and marketing. It helps businesses to offer the desired information to customers and clients without any compromises.

The chatbot is supported by iOS and Android to access the relevant information as and when needed. Additionally, the chatbot is designed to support live chats and messenger experiences for customers. It is also well-trained to offer personalized solutions to queries with the help of behavioral data and machine learning.

  1. Inbenta
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Last but not least, we have Inbenta on our list of the best chatbot for small business. Inbenta chatbot combines its own natural language and machine learning engine to quickly identify the context of every individual customer. This helps businesses to respond to every query more accurately without any hassles.

Moreover, it can also be used to define the flow and path of customer conversation for better personalization. Additionally, the chatbot automatically escalates the complex conversation to an appropriate agent for improved response. To further engage your customers, you can also create a customized human avatar for chat support.

Final Thoughts on AI chatbot for business

Thanks to digitization, we are living in a more connected world. Many businesses rely on the potential of chatbots to grow their customer base and retain the existing client base with maximum engagement. Moreover, according to market experts, the AI chatbot for business will attract global growth in the coming years.

Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that neglecting these attractive benefits of chatbots for business can be quite risky.  If you are still not leveraging the full potential of chatbots, you are missing a lot for your business. For any more information about how chatbots help businesses, you can connect us in the comment section.

SEO Board SEO Board is informational platform to get information on latest industry trends, digital marketing, SEO, content marketing and affiliate marketing industry. Stay Tuned for regular updates!

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